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Brian FitzSimons My name is Brian FitzSimons and this could be a long story, so let me just give you the high points of my career to date so that you will have some idea of whom you are dealing with.

I was born in Ireland, was educated there and graduated from Queen’s University Belfast as a Mechanical Engineer. I joined the British branch of the Trane Company and spent the majority of my life involved in the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning business on both the supply and contracting side in England, Canada and Mexico.

My various locations involved me in the purchase and sale of over 15 houses, so I have become quite familiar with the Real Estate business as a consumer and have developed strong opinions about what I want from a Real Estate agent. This experience will assure you that you will get good service from me.

During our sojourn in Mexico I was involved in the construction of a 450 room hotel and a small condo project on the side. I also worked for ReMax for a period during the marketing of our condos.

Moving North to San Diego, I was involved as a design Engineer with a company making compressed air rockets, used as a rescue line throwing device. It was during one vacation that my wife and I decided to explore the East Coast and subsequently discovered Edenton.

When circumstances occurred to leave us free to chose where to live, we decided to move to Edenton and here we are.

Real Estate has always been a fascination for me and the opportunity to serve as a Real Estate Broker in Edenton is one of my dreams come true. I love looking for houses for people as it puts me in the house hunting mode which was always my favorite part about moving during my life.

I hope that you will let me help you in your search for that special place.

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