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The town of Edenton

Edenton Harbor


Being the first permanent settlement in North Carolina, Edenton is known as the 'mothertown' of the state.

It was incorporated as Edenton in 1722 in honour of the Governer Charles Eden, but it had been known variously as "The Port of Roanoke" and "The towne on Queen Anne's Creek" previously from as early as 1714.

Apart from being a busy port in its early days, Edenton also became one of the most influential towns in the south.   Before the revolution, it was a thriving seaport and the provincial capital, so it was home to the movers and shakers of the day.

One of the historic buildings in Edenton is the Cupola house, which was built to permit the early identification of incoming vessels from its central lookout tower. This building is still there today and is open to the public along with several others, including the Barker House, pictured on our 'Picks of the Week' page.

In 1774, Edenton ladies gathered to protest British taxation and undertook to boycott British Tea and show their solidarity with their more famous brethern in Boston. This event became known as "The Edenton Tea Party."

One of the local shipbuilders, Joseph Hewes, was one of the signataries to the Declaration of Independence.

After the revolution, which luckily mainly bypassed the town, fishing and agriculture became the mainstays of local commerce and in spite of the construction of a cotton mill, the main commercial and political activities of the state moved inland.

As a result, visitors today can revisit Edenton's colonial past by touring the beautiful historic district which is considered by many to be more authentic than Williamsburg, Virginia, as Edenton's homes are not reconstructed, but are the restored originals. There are over 25 homes and public buildings in the North Carolina State Historic Site and many special events are staged each year to bring this area to life.

For those wishing to live in the historic district, there are usually a selection of homes available in various stages of renovation. The undoubted charm of these homes handsomely rewards those willing to undertake the responsibility of maintaining them.

Living in Edenton is a step back in time with modern amenities. The waterfront park at the end of the main street is a beautiful haven of peace and tranquility and only steps away are a couple of nice restaurants in which to enjoy the ambiance and entertain your guests.

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