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Waterfront Lots

The Yeopim River at Daybreak

North Carolina and the Edenton area may offer some of the last affordable Waterfront and Waterview Lots on the East Coast. However, even here, prices are rising steadily and TODAY is going to be the best time to invest in Water Front or Waterview property.

I maintain a close watch on all Waterfront lots and can advise you on what I consider to be the best available at the time.

Visit my sister site www.waterfront-lots-nc.com for a review of all the different types of waterfront lots available in this area.

Most people need to stand on their lot before they invest, but I have had clients who closed the deal without actually ever being on their Lot.

They depended entirely on my Photos and Opinion, and were not disappointed. By the time they finally saw and stood on their Lot, it had already appreciated significantly.

If you would like to stake your claim on a choice waterfront or waterview Lot to build on in the future, call 252-312-9042 or email me - TODAY !

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