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If you have bought real estate in the past, you may or may not have been aware that the Real Estate agent was actually working for the Seller, even though they appeared to be looking after your interests.    Traditionally, the agents were acting as a Seller’s Sub Agent.

This resulted in the creation of Buyer’s Agency where the agent and their client agreed that the agent would represent the Buyer, not the Seller. However, a conflict of interest arose if you were looking at properties listed by the company of your agent because the agent is automatically a sub agent of the seller for any listings of the firm.

To get round this situation most Real Estate companies practice what is called Dual Agency when they are showing you any of their own listings. If you have elected to have your agent represent you as a Buyers Agent they will not be able to say anything for or against any properties listed by their own firm which means that you are basically on your own.

To avoid this potentially uncomfortable position and to ensure that I am always able to represent my Buyers interests without any conflict of interest, I specialize in Buyer’s Agency and do not list any homes for sale. This means that I am able to give you the good and the bad on any property without worrying about any allegiance owed the seller because I am your exclusive agent and always will have your best interest at heart.

For a complete explanation of the process of working with a Real Estate agent you can read the official form here. I will require you to sign one of these to establish our relationship at our first substantial contact, usually our first face-to-face meeting. The North Carolina Real Estate Commission requires this.

If you have any questions about this, I would be pleased to answer them.

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